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Cap 232 46/53



All balsa and light ply construction. Best of all, an affordable radio controlled aerobatic model for intermediate pilots. Comes with all hardware and accessories.Covered with hand iron-on covering film with generous decal set. Trimmed and painted cowling with fuel proof paint.

Electric conversion kit available, please e-mail us for details.


Span: 55.0in / 1400mm
Wings: 553sq in / 35.7sq dm
Weight: 6.0lbs / 2750g
Length: 49.2in / 1250mm
Motor: 2c 0.46 - 0.53 cu in /
4c 0.53 - 0.70 cu in
Remote control: 4 channels / 5 servos


Product ID: CP001

Price: 176.49 (Free P & P)


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