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High quality, all balsa, light ply and fibreglass construction. Best of all, an affordable radio controlled jet for anyone who loves flying quality models!

What's in the box?

Well... just about everything! That is one of the most complete ARTF's on the market today. If you are looking for a project that will take some effort to complete, look elsewhere, because this great-looking, high-quality, all-balsa/ply/fibreglass plane comes 90% built and is already covered and trimmed!

What's left? Just a bit of assembly (construction does not even apply here!) that takes only a few hours. You will need to provide your own transmitter, receiver, switch harness, battery pack, aileron extension, glow plug and epoxy, but everything else is in the box. Its construction, factory-installed components, ease of assembly and great flight performance all make this kit an outstanding value. The supplied hardware kits proved to be a perfect match for the airframe and worked very well. ARFs have indeed come a long way.


Span: 51.0in / 1300mm
Wings: 666.5sq in / 43sq dm
Weight: 5.5lbs / 2500g
Length: 60in / 1525mm
Motor: 2c 0.46 - 0.53 cu in /
4c 0.53 - 0.70 cu in
Remote control: 4 channels / 5 servos

Product ID: EX001

Price: 176.49 (Free P & P)


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