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Featured Products:

Monster Trucks

Mini truck racing is the latest craze to hit the radio control world. These high spec models have all the features and components of full scale monster trucks but can fit in the palm of your hand! The models can be raced anywhere and there are now even dedicated mini monster truck tracks and events opening all over the place. It's also great fun just to make a home course out of anything you can find around the house and in no time you'll have your lounge converted into an action packed track. We have two models - The HBX M20T is without doubt the best value mini monster truck on the market at half the price of models with similar specs and then the Acme Leopard is our pro model which is the only mini truck in the world to feature twin motors and twin battery packs.


Price: 74.99
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Price: 99.99
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Electric Radio Controlled cars

Our range of high powered electric radio controlled models from HBX are all bursting with features and come completely ready to run. Shaft driven 4WD, electronic speed controllers, powerful 540 motors, double wishbone suspension, front and rear bevel differentials, etc etc. All these features allow the models to reach speeds of up to 60 km/h and at less than half the price of similar models on the market.


Price: 99.00
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Price: 109.00
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