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Full Function RC 4 Channel Helicopter


This 4-channel RC Helicopter is simply superb quality, now at an even lower price. With highly stable hovering, you can change direction in the air unlike most RC Helicopters in the market. This makes them usable at home as well as outdoors.

Flight height up to 60ft (thatís 20m!), superb coaxial rotor technology, completely stable in flight.


- Fuselage length: 37 cm, main rotor diameter: 29 cm
- Transmitter: proportional transmitter, 8*1.5V batteries
- Rechargeable battery: 4.2V Li battery for helicopter
- Charge time: 30 minutes
- Flying time: 4-8minutes
- Functions: Up, Down, Forward, Reverse, Right and Left turn
- Remote control range: 100 feet
- Frequency: 27MHz
- Packed with window box

Accessories Included:
- 1 * Remote Control
- 1 * 4.2V rechargeable battery pack
- 1 * Charger

Product ID: RH232

Price: £59.99 (Free P & P)

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